Take time out for yourself. TPU will provide you with an affordable luxury of flawless nails using only the best products available. The result is finished polished nails you won’t get elsewhere. We go to extreme lengths to ensure that you leave happy and satisfied. At TPU our premium customer service is founded upon professionalism, sanitation and novelty.


All our team is college trained and certified. At TPU we are all nail fanatics- our staff regularly attend specialized training to keep up to the fast paced changes that are constant in products and technology so the latest is offered to you.


At TPU we value your health and care that you receive the highest standard of sanitary services possible. We use sterile disposable items and sanitize all our implements and workstations using a medical grade liquid disinfectant. We believe cleanliness is essential to the finished Totally Polished U and rest assured we go above and beyond the standard health regulations.


Our Nail Stylists are up to date with the latest products and technology in the nail industry. We strive to provide you with the best quality nails and we go above the standard nail services of other salons.

Our LED nail technology is faster more efficient and provides greater longevity with vast colour variety than your standard options. It gives you a chip free, purse proof, extreme shine finish.

TPU uses only the best products in the nail industry. The award winning lines that can be found here include En Vogue, Light Elegance, OPI, LCN, Orly, ASP, Harmony, Morgan Taylor China Glaze and many more.

Our Team

Top reasons We Are your #1 Place for nails and more

1 Experience and Expertise

We created the Niche Nail Spa, a place that 100 % catered to nail services. You won’t hear blow dryers or smell perm solution here. Established in 2013.

2 We keep it Clean

Most places say they adhere to strict hygiene standard and they really aren’t. If you have ever had a file or buffer block that’s been reused and they say it was sterilized –That’s a lie (nothing with a gritty surface can be safely cleaned). If they don’t toss their wax sticks out after it’s been dipped-that’s really dangerous. If you have ever been soaked in a pedi throne with jets- these are near impossible to clean.… We know Health and Safety is or should be the #1 concern in our industry- That’s why we are so crazy about it.

3 We never double dip. Ever

Double dipping is one of the most dangerous waxing practices and it happens all the time. Just imagine the guest before you had a Brazilian and but waxed and you’re up next for an upper lip wax. If you’ve been to a place that double dips all those germs and nastiness could be spread on you (literally) Dead cells, hair, bacteria, fungus, fecal matter, blood, mucous, discharge. With double dipping it’s all going back in the wax pot. Other unsavory practices to be wary about and happens all the time unfortunately. Laundering wax strips. Some places just toss them in with the towels, all the body fluids. Blood, and pubic hair is merely rinsed off. Reheating Hard Wax. Yep, once it heats up they just shim off the hairs floating on top.

4 Clean/disposable linens and sterile surfaces

You never know who’s touching what when we’re not in the room .We dislike cross contamination. We spray down every hard surface with a product designed to eliminate fungal, bacterial and viral infections- meaning doorknobs, light switches, beds and counter. Bed paper, manicure linens, nail files, buffers, paper flip flops, mascara wands, it all gets tossed and of course all towels are laundered. Every Time.


We get waxing your nether regions while exhilarating-via getting you natural endorphin high. It’s not as relaxing as a facial so we equipped our waxing room with music or TV so you can take your mind off your wax job and on the latest episode of Real Housewives. We also retail numbing products

6 Impeccable yet Efficient

We understand you don’t want to spend half a day just to get your monthly maintenance services taken care of. We focus on efficient services while still maintaining our service excellence. We get todays woman wants to get in, out and looking fabulous. Our Mantra Walk in and Strut Out looking Fabulous- and we deliver on that.

7 Little Extras Always

Complimentary skin analysis, toe wax with pedicure service, complimentary lash consultation, brow makeup touch up with brow wax, hot towel and massage with gel services. With our services we provide the little extras so you leave feeling like you got some mega bang for your buck.

8 You get what you pay for

No we won’t be the cheapest place or the most expensive place in town to get your mani/pedi on- but we will be the Best and not just in terms of our service quality but in our business practices. You will never get a mani/pedi for $30 dollars here, that’s because our costs are significantly higher. We pay livable wages, we invest in education, we do not reuse materials from one person to the next and we use the best products on the market. Other places can discount to such crazy rates because the usually employing poor labour standards and taking avoidable risks with your health- all just to get you in the door.

9 Continuing to grow and expand

We are crazy about the nail and the beauty biz. We aim to be a pioneer and change the industry in our city. We never stop learning, innovating and expanding on our expertise. By travel or being in tune to and creating upcoming trend’s we are dedicated to growing and refining so we can always be The #1 place to come for nails and more.

10 TPU University

Most Nail salons and wax bars put their newbies on the floor straight away. At Totally Polished U each of our Esthetic Experts goes through an intense amount of re-education (since they are always already certified nail techs and Estheticians) in our TPU curriculum before they can ever be approved to perform services on our guests. We are extremely picky in how we do nails and other services.